5 Minute Food Marketing

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The market is saturated, margins are razor thin, customers are fickle, and, let's face it — it's enough work to focus on the day-to-day operations surrounding your restaurant, product or service — much less how to grow it! 

You've heard it a million times. It's not an easy industry to break into.

But, that challenge is also what makes the food industry so unique. It's so difficult that there's a certain level of camaraderie inside — because you know no one's here to half-ass it. Given the challenges, we can almost guarantee you're in it because you love it.

The great news is, when executed correctly, passion can be profitable. You've just got to be smarter about storytelling, growth and execution. 

We can already hear you grunting through the computer, though. Maybe rolling your eyes and saying, "Who has time for that?" 

Well, you do, now. 


We started this email series because we get it. We've been there, we've listened to countless clients complain about it, and now we're here to do something about it. 

Extra time to dedicate to your marketing won't magically appear overnight. You have to make time to research ideas, decide what's right for you, and finally, implement it. Otherwise, you'll stay in this month-to-month pay cycle circus forever. 

With 5 Minute Food Marketing, we're doing the research for you.

You'll get one quick tip per week to help you to think about your food business differently. No email will take longer than five minutes to read, which means you can take it in with your commute, that morning coffee or post-shift glass of wine. 

After many, many discovery calls with food business owners who know they need help but don't have the budget to commit to working with us directly, we started 5 Minute Food Marketing to fill the gap.

  • To encourage you to think bigger when it comes to your food business.

  • To push you to brainstorm growth and efficiency strategies every week.

  • To show you how to use the internet to grow sales, loyalty and customer or guest retention.

  • To teach you the importance of digital hospitality before the industry catches up and passes you by.

All tips are a reflection of topics we've seen come up with clients again and again — about branding, messaging, customer loyalty, digital marketing, blogging, photography, social media and more. (Hint: Most food businesses face the exact same problems that you do.)

And, most importantly, each email is a direct line to us, so if you read about a topic and have any questions, you can hit reply and ask away. 

And, it's free. So what are you waiting for? 
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