So, who is this "5th Sense?"

We're all friends here, right? Shall we switch out of third person?

I'm Alexandra Palmerton, and I'm here to make you sound as good as you look-- on paper, on the internet, and beyond.

(and did I mention you look fabulous today?)

Jokes aside, I live for helping people and businesses tell their story in a way that empowers them to share it with others.

To help you become a better communicator. To craft the content people crave.

Growing up, I was always the gal dropping the corny puns, writing speeches, editing friends' papers and helping them text their boyfriends. Later, that evolved into a degree in Journalism, Mass Communication and Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where my work was used at HGTV, Goodwill, Augusta's Pimento Cheese, and boutique publications online and in North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Italy, England and the Bahamas. 

I've spent the past four years doing PR, marketing and social media work for several food brands: consumer, catering and restaurant-retail. That's my "bread and butter," if you will. When I'm not writing for clients through this, I'm writing about food and beverage for 303 Magazine— I'm the food editor over there.

The fun stuff? I'm a born-and-bred Tennessean, recently transplanted in Colorado by way of Georgia. I picked up a husband along the way. When I was in first grade, I won a story contest on a book I wrote about a flying spaghetti monster that was defeated by a pack of dogs. My (actual) dog's name is Bacon. I've never met a potato I didn't like. 

Want to learn more? Okay, stalker.

I've got an FAQ, and I write about my personal life on my blog from time to time. I like to work with people that I enjoy and understand, so I expect and offer the same to others. 

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