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About Alex Palmerton


Alexandra (Alex) is a food marketer, writer and business owner in Denver, Colorado.

Alex has worked in food communications her entire career — doing PR, copywriting, event marketing and social media work for all things edible. It's her "bread and butter," if you will.

A true writer at heart, Alex still publishes freelance articles for publications like The Huffington Post and 303 Magazine (she even served as 303’s food editor for a year). In the last two years, she has written and edited more than 400 articles about the food industry in Denver.

After writing an article about mental health in the restaurant industry, Alex co-founded a non-profit to tackle the very issues the article addressed. CHOW — short for Culinary Hospitality Outreach & Wellness — plans meetings and events to help Denver’s restaurant industry nourish their lives inside and outside of the kitchen. They hope to expand to more cities and states in the future, but, for now, Alex is happy taking care of the industry that has served her so well since moving to Denver in 2016.

The fun stuff?

Alex is a born-and-bred Tennessean, transplanted into Colorado by way of Georgia. She picked up a degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and husband along the way.

Alex has an English bulldog named Bacon, and you can often find the two walking around Capitol Hill listening to podcasts or Beyonce. She loves SEC football and can never say no to hosting a dinner party. She’s never met a potato she didn’t like.

You can find evidence of all of this (including far too many photos of Bacon) on her personal Instagram - @ahpalmerton.