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About The 5th Sense

Are you tired?

These days, everyone in the food industry is — competition is bigger than ever, and we're all scrambling to work within razor-thin margins, fueled by nothing but caffeine and a food dream. 

But it's addicting, isn't it? We know we’re hooked. 

Our founder Alex Palmerton launched The 5th Sense after years of working in the marketing departments of big restaurant groups in Atlanta, Georgia. She often wondered how smaller food businesses could possibly keep up with all of today’s modern-day marketing demands. She founded The 5th Sense so she could stop asking that question and start answering it instead.

So far, we've helped more than 30 food businesses capitalize on digital hospitality — including restaurants, food bloggers, consumer products, catering companies, start-ups, nonprofits and more.

Through The 5th Sense, food brands of all sizes can have access to digital hospitality / marketing help when they need it — from big-picture strategy to something as small as how to describe your dinner special to help it sell better. 

Simply put, we’re here to make your food biz sound as good as it looks — on paper, on the internet, and beyond.

We live for helping folks in the food industry tell their stories in a way that empowers them to share it with others. To help you become a better communicator. To craft the content people actually crave.

We are currently based in Denver, Colorado, but we work with businesses across the country. Don’t let distance stop you from reaching out.

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