Weekly Meal Prep

If you haven't read it 100 places before, I'll be the first to tell you that weekly meal prep is such a great habit to pickup. It helps you save money, time and peace of mind. Brooks and I try to plan out meals for the week on Sundays and do what we can to ease that plan by doing some of the grunt work before the week begins. This week I'll be showing what we do to make our meal plan easier by detailing what we're having this week (M-F) and how we planned it. 

In a perfect week, here are the steps I take to get started. 

Get Inspiration

I read a lot of different food blogs, and I always pin recipes that seem like viable options on my Pinterest page. By Saturday or Sunday, I pick recipes that I think I'll enjoy for the week and run them by Brooks. We usually have the same breakfast all week, sometimes eat the same lunch leftovers and eat our dinners together. I look for recipes that have overlapping vegetables and meats, cook in under an hour, and don't have too many ingredients.  

I cannot stress how much easier it is to cook dinners and other meals for two instead of one. Whether it's a family member, boyfriend or roommate, making a plan together with someone willing to help will save you both money and time! We do all of this without having to have the same old recipes each week, and we spend about $50 split between the two of us, not including beer or wine.

Make a Plan

Next I lay out the recipes I've chosen on a piece of paper, review what ingredients we'll need and make a grocery list. 

Here's this week: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

Here's this week: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

The most important thing to remember here is to plan for laziness, unexpected plans, wanting #winefordinner, etc. Don't get overly ambitious and think you'll cook a huge dinner from scratch every night. Notice how many times the words "leftovers" are written above. Brooks and I cook all of our dinners together (if anything, he's an even better cook than I am), but if this isn't the case for you, I'd consider doing even fewer recipes each week. 

Shop & Prep

I love grocery shopping, but I like to do it all at once. We do one big haul at the beginning of the week at our farmers market (if you're in Atlanta we love Dekalb) and/or grocery store, and then usually need to make another trip mid-week for items to bulk up leftovers or pick up things we forgot.

On Sundays, I like to prep what I can do to make meals easier without having to freeze anything (I don't love frozen food). Brooks sometimes will batch cook chicken on our griddle, we'll throw something in the slow cooker and I will make smoothie packs for breakfast.


Check back this week as I walk you through our week in meals/prep. Tomorrow will be my go-to smoothie recipe.