The Perfect Host Gift

Tonight Brooks and I are having dinner with some family friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. (Like, since I was ten). They were kind enough to invite us to their home, and I never ever turn down a home-cooked meal or opportunity to reconnect with old friends. 

As a thank you, I wanted to bring some sort of gift, but I wasn’t sure where to start. I haven’t seen them in years, so I didn’t feel comfortable picking out a bottle of wine or a personalized present. I thought about what would be helpful for me after hosting a dinner party (other than a maid), and I decided to bring them something to eat for breakfast tomorrow morning. Cooking dinner for other people takes a lot of time—planning, prep, cooking, cleaning up—so I thought providing a quick-and-easy breakfast for the next day would be a nice, thoughtful alternative to flowers or a bottle of wine.  

I scoured Pinterest and landed on some banana-nut-nutella muffins. Because I am a terrible baker (this blog will never be a resource for desserts), I went with the ready-made mix and swirled in some nutella just before baking for an extra homemade feel. If you want to go the fully-from-scratch route, I thought this one looked great. I also have no idea how her swirled nutella looks so perfect, but hey, this is real life. 

The muffins are delicious, though. Just ask Brooks. Half of those pictured won't be making the trip tonight.