Open for business.

As of today, The 5th Sense (aka my new career as a communications freelancer) is open for business.

I can’t believe I’m writing this. Not because I thought I couldn’t do it, but because I’ve spent approximately FOREVER dreaming about and planning for it.

My dad was an entrepreneur, forging his own path in the real estate industry from a young age, so starting my own business is something I’ve always wanted for myself. I aspire to be my father in many ways, but this is perhaps the greatest. I watched and craved the flexibility and passion that came with his career choices— to choose your own direction, to create something out of nothing.

Almost every morning for the past three years, I have called my dad on my way to work. We’d discuss the weather, upcoming events, what we had for dinner the night before, etc., but the conversation always drifted back to my newest business ideas and how to monetize them. He’d give his (often harsh) two-cents, and I’d go back to the drawing board.

Tomorrow, my dad, my closest companion and business coach, will have been dead five months. I won’t delve into the numerous ways his diagnosis and death have touched my life, because I’ve done so here, here and here, and I know he’d want this to be about so much more than that. About so much more than him.

But it is about him. And it’s about the five months I’ve endured navigating launching this without him. So I will say, “Dad, if heaven has internet, I know you have this page is bookmarked, as you have so many of my other endeavors. I can hear you in my head every step of the way. WE did it. I did it.”

So, What is The 5th Sense?

Well, for one, it’s me! What started as a name for my food blog in 2012 has now evolved into a copy writing, social media management and consulting business. My goal is to help people and businesses tell their story in a way that empowers them to share it with others. To help them become better communicators. To craft the content people crave. So many small business owners and bloggers (especially in the food and beverage space) have an amazing story to tell, and I can’t wait to help them tell it!

I currently offer services in 3 different “buckets.”

1.      Copy-Writing
2.      Social Media & Blog Consulting
3.      Monthly Partnerships that focus on execution: Editor-on-Call, Blogger-on-Call, Social Media Manager

I’m welcoming new clients in July once we’ve settled in Denver, but I accept businesses from all over. Most of you know me as a “food and beverage gal,” and that’s not going anywhere either. For more answers on who is a good fit for The 5th Sense, click here.

For fans of the blog, it’s not going anywhere either. It will become an extension of my business, and I’ll continue chatting weekly in three major categories: EAT, LIVE, and WORK.

I hope that you’ll click around the website as I clink glasses and celebrate this milestone over sushi with my husband.

And, don’t forget to contact me! This is only the beginning.