A Sunday Well Spent: My Tips for Planning a Balanced At-Home Work Week

One of the biggest benefits and potential detriments of working from home is having complete control over your schedule. If you aren't careful, your week can turn into a mush of pajamas, Law & Order SVU and never leaving the house. Or maybe that's just me?

That's why I am very protective over my Sunday mornings. I use that time to carefully plan out my week so it stays balanced. I'm going to share my tips for keeping a solid work-from-home schedule in this new series called A Sunday Well Spent (because we all know a Sunday well spent brings a week of content!)

1. Map Out Your Entire Week

I start my Sunday mornings by mapping out my entire week in my Simplified Planner and on a good old sheet of paper. Everyone has their own system for this, but I can't recommend this planner enough.

First, I write out all of my to-dos, by client and by category, on the piece of paper for the entire week-- don't forget to include a category for yourself/house and your own business! Next, I divide those tasks across M-F in my planner, as well as appointments, work meetings, and major to-dos.


2. Fill in the Gaps

By writing out ALL that I have to accomplish during the week, I can make sure that it's evenly distributed between M-F so no day is overloaded.

After that, I look at my "social" calendar to fill in the gaps-- am I interacting with other humans enough? Working from home can be isolating. Because we just moved to a new city and don't know many people, sometimes I can go days only interacting with my husband and my dog. To counteract that, I make sure I have at least two things scheduled each week (M-Th) with friends or for networking. This can be coffee, a lunch, a workout class, an adult extra-curricular, anything! 

3. Plan those Meals

This is something I do because I genuinely enjoy it, but it has also saved Brooks and I a lot of time, energy and money! On the other side of that master sheet of paper, I plan out our meals for the week. Breakfast and lunch stay pretty consistent, so I really just focus on dinners. The Simplified Planner even has a spot to write dinner each day! After I map that out, I make a shopping list and end my productive Sunday morning with a trip to the grocery store!

Stay tuned next week as I drive further into step three and give you a glimpse into our weekly dinners. 

What do you on Sunday to set yourself up for success all week? I'd love to hear your tips!