Refining Service Packages: Introducing Meat & Three Marketing

It's drilled into our heads all January - resolutions. blank slates. new year, new you. 

Are you feeling that way?

I have to say, I'm not usually one of those people. I set resolutions and find myself elbows deep in a cheeseburger by January 10. This year feels different, though. After coming out of the first year grief fog, "new year, new me" is sounding like the a sweet, sweet song. 

ANYWAYS - there's a lot of changes going on around here. Not only have I started cooking more vegetables and finding workouts I actually enjoy, I've been working for almost three months now on redefining The 5th Sense - where I want it to go, who I want it to serve. It's been a wild ride! 

Now, in the spirit of fresh starts, blank pages and new beginnings - I'm excited to introduce my new packages - what I'm calling Meat & Three Marketing! In a time where everything on this planet seems to be getting more complicated, I wanted to simplify. I wanted to offer 2 clear packages in areas that I know I can really influence small business owners: website copy and social media strategy, with a few extras sprinkled in along the way. 

Does anyone else love a simple restaurant menu? When I was thinking about simplifying my business offerings in 2017, I found myself thinking about that a lot. It's no secret that I love barbecue, I served it at my wedding! So I instantly thought about how much I miss simple, southern "meat and three" restaurants - pick your meat, pick three sides, probably drink an Arnold Palmer. Simple, not fussy, but INCREDIBLY in quality. In a world of complicated, I crave that kind of simple, quality. I'm sure you do too. 

So that's where we are now. To work with us, you have two options: website copy or social media strategy. That's the meat, but simple doesn't mean one-size-fits-all. From there, you can customize your three "sides" based on whatever pieces of collateral your business needs. You can choose three of the same thing or one of each. Options include, but are not limited to: blog post, blog strategy, social media landing page, additional web page, sales email, press pitch email template, print promotional piece, social contest ideas, social ad campaign ideas, influencer outreach guide, and more. 

The best part? One price, one set turn-around time. 

15 minute discovery call. 
- Book start date, put down a 50% deposit. 
- Complete client homework and deep-dive call together Friday before Monday start-date.
-Receive completed pieces by THAT Friday. 
-Unlimited revisions for following 5 business days.


Still wanting to work together longer than a week? Don't fret, I'm still offering partnership packages for those who just can't get enough of me! (Only kidding... sort of). 

So cheers to a simpler 2017! I hope you're feeling as refreshed and ready to go as I am. 

As always, if you have any questions - comments - concerns, drop me a line!