6 Podcasts Perfect for Work, Self-Improvement and Fun

Podcasts have been having a moment since Serial hit the airwaves in October 2014. Now, everywhere I go, I hear friends and colleagues talking about podcasts instead of TV shows. As a lover of both, I could never choose, but I have been enjoying listening to podcasts while I drive, clean my house or walk the dog. To avoid burnout, I switch it up between podcasts for work, self-improvement and fun. Here are 6 that I bring up almost every time one of those podcast discussions takes place: 

For Work

Goal Digger

If you're a lady who owns (or hopes to own!) your own business, you've got to have a weekly date with Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger podcast. This workshop-style sound bite is full of interviews, helpful tips and real women sharing their successes and failures in business. Jenna is hilarous and incredibly down-to-earth, and I listen to this everytime I feel like I have no one to talk to about the ups and downs of business ownership. 


I'm a sucker for a good name, and Brian Clark got me with this one almost immediately. In his own words, "Unemployable provides actionable strategies for thousands of freelancers, consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs." As a copywriting/marketing dork, I've enjoyed hearing from big-name guests like Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk. Really, Unemployable is for anyone ready to dip their toe into entrepreneurship. 

For Self-Improvement


It's no secret that I love Gretchen Rubin. Her book The Happiness Project, helped pull me out of a serious funk, and her podcast Happier is just an extension of that. Each week, she and her sister have a conversation about their lives, maintaining balance and tips to cultivate a happier life. It's approachable, actionable and I really enjoy it. 



I'm embarrassingly obsessed with self-improvement anything, particularly as it applies to personality traits in different people. NPR's Invisibilia only adds fuel to the fire. In their own words, "Invisibilia (Latin for invisible things) is about the invisible forces that control human behavior – ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions." It's also a great source for casual party conversation and interesting fun facts. If you love powerful storytelling and learning more about what shapes us as people, you'll love this one. 

For Fun

My Favorite Murder

If you've ever spoken to me more than twice, you probably know how much I love crime shows, especially Law & Order SVU. My Favorite Murder is that with some laugh-out-loud dark comedy sprinkled in. If you aren't into that, you'll know right away, but for those weirdos like me that are fascinated by crime shows and love a good laugh, you'll love Karen Kilgariff and Georiga Hardstark breaking down their favorite murder stories each episode. Also, the tagline is the best: "Stay sexy. Don't get murdered."

Death, Sex & Money

Death, Sex & Money was started as a way to share stories on three taboo topics that most people say are not up for discussion: death, sex and money. In their own words, "Death, Sex & Money is a show that gets very personal about the dilemmas we all share." Anna Sale, the host, is unapologetically inquisitive as she interviews people about the topics from which we usually shy away. 

What's your favorite podcast? Let me know in the comments!