What's New at The 5th Sense - June 2018

Hey, friends!

Why yes, here I am, blogging for the first time since March. (insert embarrassed emoji here). 

The past three months have been BUSY. The great kind of busy where time is flying and I'm still accidentally dating paperwork with the year 2017. 

"Busy" is a funny thing, though. It can convince you that there's no time for anything else if you let it. For three months, I kept telling myself that I was too occupied serving my clients to work on my own business — too busy writing blog posts for them to do it for me. Too busy posting on social media for them to do it for me. Too busy writing marketing emails for them to do it for me. Clearly, this is misguided, but it's where I found myself. 

To be honest, I'm the queen of the excuse, "The cobbler's children don't have any shoes." I'm a pro at acting like I'm some sort of martyr because I neglect marketing my own business because I'm helping clients. And, to be totally transparent, it's easy to do when you have a full client load and aren't seeking new business.

BUT, my business coach (more on him next week) has done a great job of talking me out of that. So, here I am, first thing on a Monday morning, putting The 5th Sense first. Blogging again. Posting on Instagram again

In ten days, I'll be popping champagne to celebrate my business' second birthday, and it's given me a lot of time to reflect on everything that's happened since we started. And, boy, have we come a long way. Next week, I'll share the biggest things I've learned in year 2, but today, to get you caught up, here's what's been going on over here.



This may be one of the best sentences I've ever written —> I'm walking into year THREE with the best client roster I've ever had. I'm working with some truly passionate folks that push me and inspire me every day. I do some fantastic one-off projects with food folks too, but I have to give an extra thank you to the partners that work with us every single month — THANK YOU, The Spice Guy, The Regional, Highlands Square, Jim's Burger Haven & St. Kilian's Cheese Shop. I couldn't have dreamed you any better. 

I'm currently booked for monthly partners, but if you're a food or beverage business interested in scheduling some project-based digital marketing or copywriting work with The 5th Sense, hit me up  



One of the reasons I've been radio-silent on the blog is 5 Minute Food Marketing. It's a free email series we started that sends you ONE quick marketing tip every week. All tips are a reflection of topics we've seen come up with clients again and again — about branding, messaging, customer loyalty, digital marketing, blogging, photography, social media and more. (Hint: Most food businesses face the exact same problems that you do.) To sign up, click here



For those of you who didn't know, I spent a full year serving as food editor at 303 Magazine. (You can see all 168 pieces I've written so far here.) Although I decided to put that official position down in March to focus on my business full time, I'm still writing a few stories a month. That step back has allowed me to focus on bigger editorial pieces and passion projects like this one. 

I spent all of April and May this year researching mental health in the Denver restaurant industry. After speaking with more than 30 chefs, I published the beast of a piece late last month. I was so inspired by the entire process that some chefs and I decided to launch a group called Mile High Hospitality Hazards. MHHH will host free, industry-only gatherings for restaurant staff to hang out and discuss the struggles of life inside and outside of the kitchen. Our first event is Monday, June 11, and after such a positive response to the article, we can't wait to see the turn-out at the event. Click here for more information



In addition to turning another year older and doing some traveling of my own, I also hosted a webinar while on the road this spring. The World Food Travel Association invited me to speak at their online summit about millennials and food travel habits. We had a great time talking with business owners across the world about how to market their culinary tourism opportunities better to a younger audience. You can download the full webinar here for $15


As we head into year three, I'm so humbled and excited. Basically, it's time to get the cobbler's children some shoes. Expect more FREE TIPS, writing, blog posts, emails and social content from us — after all, it is what other people pay us to do! And, we're working on a VERY exciting project with some friends for you. If you're trying to grow your food business online, you'll want to stay tuned for that major update later this year! 

As always, thank you for your support and the love for me and this business. Stay tuned for next week, and I'll share how our first Mile High Hospitality Hazards event goes!