“But a person who does not love food cannot understand this propensity in others, cannot feel empathy for their disposition.” –Lela Nargi, Food before Sanity

People always say that we’ll never forget our first love. We dedicate books, songs,movies and a lifetime worth of art to that first plunge of affection. Whether it strikes in preschool, high school or post school, there’s something about that first time that holds onto us and never lets go. I fell in love for the first time when I was five, and there is framed picture in my house documenting the entire experience: 


Years later, unable to wipe that grin or crimson steak juice from my face, my love for food has matured into a partnership full of watermelon, lasagna, baked potatoes, parmesan cheese, burgers and a lifetime worth of cheesecake. Like with any relationship, mine has seen its ups and downs, love and loathing, time spent apart and time that I can’t imagine ever stopping. I plan our dates in the morning, miss every detail when we’re apart and get legitimately upset when another friend gets a better part at a restaurant. Most people associate memories with smell, sight or feeling, but mine are unashamedly associated with taste. So maybe it’s because I like sharing my food experiences, or maybe it’s because I think every meal deserves a discussion, but regardless this will be a place to come hear about it, bite by bite. 

The second love of my life is pictured on the right. World, meet Brooks. 

We don't have any set rules for cooking or eating out, and you'll see that here. We're likely either cooking for two or ten, rarely in between. Also, in true twenty-something form, sometimes it's #winefordinner. Eating healthy is always a goal of ours, but french fries and a good cheeseburger are our first and two true loves. And you should never be kept from true love, right?

I daylight as a marketing manager for a restaurant group in Atlanta (you can read more about that here) and Brooks does event logistics for a nonprofit. We moonlight as a couple of food fanatics throwing restaurant recommendations at and cooking for gaggle of weirdos that we call our friends. Be one, won't you?

Oh, and why "The Fifth Sense?" I can't smell. But more on that here