If you're ready to take your food business into the 21st Century, this is the way to do it. 

Here's some math we like:

The Write My Site package + the Triple My Traffic package = the Full Online Facelift package.

If you're in the weeds with your website and still have no idea what to do with it after it's perfect, you're in the right place.

But, unlike a regular facelift, you'll be happy when people notice you got it done. 


If you're putting it off, you're clearly dreading it.
So, why not hand it over to someone who... 

... already helped more than 30 food businesses refine their messaging
... logged almost 10 years of experience writing copy and strategy for food brands
... spent two years refining their branding and copywriting process for food businesses
... spends her (limited) free time as the food & booze editor of a magazine — no boring storytelling here!

Here's how it goes. The "Full Online Facelift" package includes...

  1. WEEK ONE: Deep-dive into your business' goals, competitors, likes and dislikes — includes a little homework and a 60 minute clarity call.
  2. WEEK TWO: Review the Messaging Bible — a "WHO/WHAT/HOW" document to keep in your back pocket for future projects, hires and more.
  3. WEEK THREE: Review up to 6 pages of SEO and story-rich web copy, delivered in Google Doc
  4. WEEK FOUR: Submit unlimited edits for 5 business days (check-ins via email or phone each day)
  5. WEEK FIVE: Review the Communications Plan — a platform-by-platform (Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, Website, Facebook, etc.) breakdown of where you should be online, what you should say, who you should say it to and when you should say it. Also includes a month-by-month content calendar based on your Messaging Bible as well as automation, training and outsourcing suggestions tailored to your needs. 
  6. WEEK SIX: Submit unlimited edits for 5 business days (check-ins via email or phone each day)
  7. ONGOING OPTIONS: Monthly Maintenance and Storytelling — includes any or all of...
    • 4 SEO and story-rich written blog posts per month
    • monthly social media management
    • monthly email marketing execution
    • ghost-written copy (press release, flier, partner outreach, etc.)
    • bi-weekly check-ins to reevaluate strategy, discuss next steps.
    • “what to do after you post” guide to increase traffic and sales
    • “what to do to get press” guide to increase traffic and sales
    • “how to market your event” guide to increase traffic and sales

Traffic building takes time, so we require it.
6 months minimum or 12 months recommended.

...but don't take my word for it.

"Saved my team over 10 hours of work per week."

“Alex was able to master the voice of over 40 of our clients, from various industries, in an extremely short amount of time and with the upmost quality and dedication. She saved my team over 10 hours of copywriting work per week. Clients' posts were more effective, more on brand and more thoughtful than they have ever been before, particularly in the food and beverage space. We highly recommend utilizing her word-slinging skills to enhance and elevate your work!

— Margot Dukes, COO at Imagine Media Consulting

"Someone who can get it right."

“I’m so glad Alex was there to focus on things like social media, food photography and promotional materials so I could stick to what I do best — being a chef. Running one of the busiest restaurants in Downtown Atlanta is enough work. I leave the promotion to someone who can get it right while still making sure we sound like ourselves. Because Alex knows the food industry so well, we could always trust her to speak for us. ”  

— Chad Clevenger, Executive Chef at Alma Cocina