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Work with us.

Let’s find the best plan for you.


Every food business is different.
Just like traditional hospitality, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for anyone.

After more than three years of serving small businesses and listening to their feedback, we’ve created service options that cater to you, your needs and your budget. So, let’s start with figuring out which plan works best for you and yours.

Which of these scenarios sounds most like you?


Does this sound like you?

- You need to promote your business, but you can’t hire someone to do marketing full-time.

- You have the budget to hire someone to make and execute a marketing plan, though.

- You’re tired of working with part-time marketing people or agencies who don’t understand food, beverage and restaurants.

- Even if it’s getting one project off your plate, you’re ready to start handing it off.


Are these feelings familiar?

- Your (spouse / hostess / manager / intern/ niece / friend) already helps you with marketing for free.

- You’re doing your own marketing (on top of everything else!), and you aren’t ready or able to give it up yet.

- Things aren’t perfect doing it this way, but I think with more direction they could be better. Basically, you need someone to tell you what to do.

- You know you need marketing help, but you don’t think you can financially swing a month-to-month partnership.


Or, maybe this is you?

- You know marketing is important, but your budget for it is $0.00.

- You’re excited about DIY-ing your promotions and digital hospitality.

- You have time to plan, execute and evaluate marketing efforts on your own.

- You hope to work together in the future, and you want to keep in touch in the meantime.